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Welcome to the SLEDhaus

Affordable, Permanent, Luxurious Recreational Living Starting at Only $104,999

Ultimate Luxury & Elegance in Your Home Away from Home

Comfort, Style, Luxury, & More in a Retreat that’s Just Right

SLEDhaus Original Plan

Tiny Cabin Rendering
Tiny Cabin Floor Plan
Tiny Cabin Elevation
Tiny House Rendering

SLEDhaus Cabana

Tiny Cabin Rendering
Tiny Cabin Floor Plan
Tiny Cabin Elevation

Optional SLEDhaus Additions

Tiny Cabin Rendering
Tiny Cabin Floor Plan
Tiny Cabin Elevation
Tiny Cabin Rendering
Tiny Cabin Floor Plan
Tiny Cabin Elevation

Everything You Want in Recreational Housing Tiny Cabin is Here

The all-new tiny home SLEDhaus gives you an innovative, high-performance, efficient retreat where you want it located. You get an open floor plan with a spacious loft for enough space to comfortably sleep 7 and stretch your legs without being on top of each other.

Every inch of space in this tiny home is maximized in this 1 bedroom 1 bath model with an expansion available as an add-on for entertaining, even more, guests.

Get away in a tiny cabin that delivers what you want without compromising on space and the comforts you enjoy when you are in your own home. The SLEDhaus makes the ultimate retreat a recreational home for a weekend away, a hunting base, or just a spot where you can get away from it all and relax.

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SLEDhaus Features

Modern & Elegant

The SLEDhaus is a modern and elegant home featuring high-end finishes.

Built to IRC Code

Each SLEDhaus is built to IRC code and that means you have everything you need all right where you need it.

Insurable & Mortgageable

The SLEDhaus is easy to get financing for and gives you the peace of mind that it is completely insurable.

Permanent or Temporary

Whether you’re looking for a permanent recreation retreat or something to use temporarily, the SLEDhaus is the perfect solution.

Off-the-Grid Living

Want to get away from it all and live off the grid? You can with the SLEDhaus.

Spacious, Comfortable Living

The SLEDhaus can comfortably sleep and entertain up to 7 people so you have room to stretch out in a convenient space.

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All the Comforts of Luxury Living in a Tiny Cabin/Home


Laundry Included


Sleeps Up to 7 Adults


Full-Size Appliances


Tile-Set Shower


Tankless Water Heater


Available Wood Burning Stove


Front Porch


Optional Rear Deck


Dual-Paned High Efficient Windows


Recreational Housing Options Compared

  SLEDhaus Tiny Home Cabin RV Yurt
Size 572 Sq. Ft. Varies Varies Varies
Sleeps 7 Varies Varies Varies
Ceiling Height 10 Ft. Ceiling Varies Varies Varies
Nest Thermostat icon icon icon icon
Building Codes IRC IRC None None
Permanent Building icon icon icon icon
Financing Options icon icon icon icon
Formaldahyde Free icon icon icon icon
Full Electrical Panel icon icon icon icon
Electrical Options Meter Base,Twist Lock, Disconnect Varies Varies Varies
Off-Grid Compatible icon icon icon icon
Solar Ready icon icon icon icon
Available Expansion icon icon icon icon
Towing Not Required Not Required Required Not Required
Delivered to Site icon icon icon icon

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