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Sledhaus Dealers

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Dealers can offer their customers the ultimate tiny home retreat with the all-new SLEDhaus from Irontown Homes. Offer your customers a permanent recreation housing solution that both luxurious and affordable for customers looking to enjoy their land in a remoter location. Become a dealer today!

The SLEDhaus is the most luxurious retreat in a small but open space you can find. We have the capability to deliver a retreat you can enjoy for decades with your entire family. We give you the opportunity to make more memories in a small, yet spacious get away that comes complete with all the comforts and amenities of home.

SLEDhaus: The Ultimate Retreat

  • Time-Saving Factory Construction
  • Arduously Engineered
  • Solar & Off-Grid Capable
  • Sustainable, Energy Efficient Retreat
  • Ready in Weeks